From Elise  – A truly amazing birth…

Doula plus She Births®

My partner and I didn’t have much knowledge about birth and what to expect before attending the She Births course. We chose this course as it was very well aligned with our wishes to birth naturally. We also knew that we wanted to keep an open mind and be flexible about what could happen on the day. The course went well beyond our expectations. It made us understand how the saying “knowledge is power” applies to birth and gave us all the tools to prepare ourselves for the birth we desired. At the end of the 2 days, we felt empowered, confident and knowledgeable. My partner was reassured and felt like he knew how to support me fully.

Having Caitlin as our doula also meant that we had her invaluable guidance and support in the lead up to the birth. She really made us feel confident and answered all the questions we had in our catch ups and over the phone.

Our birth ended up being the most beautiful life experience we have ever gone through. I was 10 days overdue but managed to avoid being induced. At every step of the way, no matter how intense the sensations were in my body, I felt I could surrender to the moment. There were times where I was scared and doubted my ability to go on, but Caitlin was there to reassure me and provide the encouragement and support I needed to find the strength within me and carry on.

My partner was the best support partner I could have wished for, so calm and steady.

Our little girl was born healthy and happy, without using any medical intervention. I’m convinced that without Caitlin’s support and the She Births classes, we wouldn’t have had the same experience. We’re forever grateful to  Caitlin  and Nadine at She Births® for the amazing work they do and the incredible support we’ve been lucky to receive from them.

From Fleur and David – Positive Second Baby

Doula plus She Births®

This was our second baby and after the experience of the birth of our daughter 5 years ago we wanted a much more positive experience. Our daughters birth was quite traumatic for me with a spiral of interventions that took place. While the end result was a healthy baby, I felt the experience had been less than ideal and left myself and husband feeling disappointed.

We did the online She Births course in the lead up to this baby. We did the online version as it was our second baby and while we were after a positive experience were still a little skeptical.  It just all made sense to both of us and gave my husband an active role in the birth rather than left standing in the corner wondering how the hell he was going to help (which is what happened the first time). We worked our way through the modules and doing the practice and as my due date came closer I still felt I needed some extra support. Caitlin was fantastic talking through our concerns and focusing on our birth plan. We had chosen a hospital that has a high intervention rate so we were keen to have a clear plan in place to avoid intervention. Caitlin has excellent knowledge of how delivery rooms operate in all hospitals and how to successfully communicate with the medical staff.

Caitlin visited us 3 times prior to labour and was always available on the phone. One of Caitlin’s strengths was to talk things through and assist us in making decisions that needed to be made, but was completely non judgmental with those decisions.

Despite every effort to avoid being induced, I was 1 day past my due date due to my age and baby conceived with IVF it was therefore recommended. While I found this disappointing that all the planning and preparation and many hours of discussion with my husband, acupuncturist, Caitlin, Dr and anyone else who would listen, I reached a point of calm about our decision to proceed with the induction.

I was 3cm when I had my waters broken. A few hours of walking with no progress, the midwife shifted my cervix to move the head down so it was resting on the cervix to induce real labour. She said within 30mins I would be contracting. I had almost accepted the fact that I would have to be given the syntocin drip to get things moving. Caitlin was positive I would be ok to achieve a natural labour even if that path had to be taken.

We went for another walk. While my husband was buying lunch, I was in the courtyard spiraling and focusing on the baby moving down onto the cervix. Amazing what the power of the mind can do! 30 mins later (as the midwife predicted) I stood up from the table after eating some lunch and had my first contraction and felt my cervix open.

Two and a half hours after that contraction I had my baby in my arms without any drugs at all. Caitlin was there with us – she was fantastic. Caitlin and my husband worked as a team to help me.

The whole birth was beautiful. I felt safe, calm and loved the whole time with support from people I had full trust in. Our beautiful boy is a delight and I truly believe a much calmer baby as a result of the birth he also had.

Caitlin has been a great support post partum. We had a debrief of the birth, great support to continue breastfeeding when things get tough and providing instruction for baby massage.

I can not recommend Caitlin highly enough.


From Sophie and Jack – Natural Birth She Births® baby

I just wanted say thanks again for She Births because looking back I got exactly the birth I wanted and it feels great ! My ideal hope was to arrive at the hospital ready to push and guess what ? I arrived 9cm dilated and ready to push … Jack was born 45 minutes later ! At the last minute I asked if I could have some gas for the pushing but the midwife said there’s no time to set it up !

And of course thank you for all your invaluable support as my doula. Your calm and serene nature was just what the doctor ordered in the delivery suite! I really appreciate you coaching me through as things got more intense.

I pretty much used all the She Birth techniques – lots of breathing, visualisations, acupressure, lots of surrendering and trusting my body, bits of yoga here and there, baths and showers … I was so happy to be able to labour in the comfort of my own home.

Todd was amazing of course. I also achieved my goal of no tearing or stitches !!

I would recommend She Births to anyone – it should be compulsory!

Take Care,

Sophie x

Baby Jack and Sophie and Todd


From Natasha and Nick – 3rd time lucky with She Births®

As a third time mother my anticipation to deliver was overwhelming. I knew that I could do this and was well aware of what to expect in terms of “you have to go with the flow”. My first birth was a perfect text book delivery, my second wasn’t at all the same and we definitely knew from that point… each birth is not the same. So while we had done lots of reading, research and classes as first time parents so long ago (about 6 years ago) we realised that we would need some revision. Thanks to Caitlin she brought my husband and I together to form our bond as birthing parents. She gave us the tools to regain the confidence in nature and nurture ourselves with the assurance for the delivery. Our baby girl Zella was born into the hands of her father and she has completed our family of 5. Her big brother and sister love her to pieces and is adored by her parents. Thanks Caitlin!

XXX NatIMG_2090

From Suada and Layla – Second baby with She Births®

During my second pregnancy, I started thinking about how I could make my birthing experience better than my first -long painful, intervention filled – birthing experience.  My preparation for the birth of my first born consisted of a 1 day hospital birthing course and watching ‘One Born Every Minute’ weekly.

Second time round, all I wanted was to have an intervention free birth, specifically no epidural, and I wanted to see if I could get through the pain like so many other women before me!  A good friend recommended She Births, and it sounded a lot more insightful than my 1 day hospital course.

She Births helped me understand what was happening to my body during the labour, why these things were happening, what I needed to do to work with my body during this time, and the tools to help myself make this birthing experience better – than the last.  It also gave my husband the knowledge to be able to support me through the whole experience confidently.

After attending She Births, I decided to use a Doula and see if I could get into the Midwifery Practice (Birth Centre) at Ryde Hospital. Prior to attending the course, the Birth Centre was not an option, I wanted to try to have an intervention free birth, but I wanted the epidural available to me at all times.

I pre-laboured at home until my waters broke, and just made it to the Birth Centre on time for my midwife to catch my baby girl (with absolutely no intervention except the tools that She Births gave me!!) I was so relaxed at home, listening and utilising all the tools and resources from She Births, I even experienced a period of pleasure whilst spiraling on the short drive to the hospital!!! Not once did the thought of gas, or an epidural even cross my mind.

Attending She Births and engaging a Doula, was the best decision I ever made, and I will recommend it to every expecting parent (and support person – Aunty, Grandparent etc) to attend in place of a hospital course. The She Births course is a very thorough, comprehensive course about one of the most amazing life experiences we can have. It was worth every minute of my time and money.

As was engaging Caitlin Siboulet as my Doula. She provided all the support that my husband couldn’t in the moments my mind lost control, not just for me, but for my husband as well. She was exactly what I needed to get me through it, and I wouldn’t think twice to engage her priceless services again.

Suada and babes

From Sama and Arielle – She Births® baby

Caitlin taught us She Births® and brought myself and my partner a huge amount of helpful & practical information in a calm, gentle and beautifully delivered manner, making it approachable both to myself and father to be.
Just devoting that time to focus on preparing for child birth in a comfortable and intimate setting really helped us prepare for the day. I’d say one of the highlights that came about through the She Births sessions was my partner realising that he may be able to deliver our daughter, which happened in our birth. This was a very special moment. Thank you for your time, dedication and information in the lead up to our daughter’s arrival, we will be forever grateful for your roll in our birth story.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.46.36 pm

From Kate, Alastair and Amelia – Natural Birth and She Births® baby

With Caitlin’s support we were able to have a drug free, intervention free and calm birth. Being first time parents we didn’t really know what to expect, and with so much information out there, Caitlin guided and challenged us around what we wanted and why. Caitlin was available to us both before, during and after labour and spent almost 24 hours with us at home and in the delivery suite before we gave birth to our beautiful daughter Amelia. Throughout we felt that Caitlin was fully present, offered natural suggestions and was a real advocate for what we wanted particularly as we chose to give birth in a hospital. Caitlin was also able to support and guide my husband which took a lot of pressure off him and made what could have been a very stressful and unknown time, a calm and informed one. She helped us to create the space to consider our options at every step of the way and we can’t recommend her highly enough.


From Lucy and Cesare – A Positive C-section with She Births®

I’m a relaxed person and during my pregnancy i was never scared of the impending birth. Im one of five children so therefore my mother had gone through it numerous times and I always considered myself much like her and resilient enough to cope with both the physical and mental discomfort. I expected to have a natural birth and after having heard the experiences of others believed a Drug free birth would be more likely with the encouragement and presence of a doula.

By the time my due date had come and gone by two weeks my baby was on the larger side and i simply didn’t go into labour. I was instructed to be induced and it was at this point it was great to have Caitlin as a sounding board and voice of support when faced with important decisions. She never told me what to do but she asked questions and was focused on my case, preventing the situation from becoming overwhelming.

The induction was quite uncomfortable and to top it off my baby was posterior. They persisted with my induction for two days at which point i had only dilated to 5cm. Not great. Throughout this i didn’t have any pain killers but i did have Caitlin! She encouraged and guided me and i felt like a had a support at my side who could handle it all. The labour was intense and she made me feel really comfortable with myself for all the crazy things i had to to do to cope with it!

Eventually the doctors recommended a c section. There was a brief discussion and essentially everyone agreed it was the safest way to proceed. I was comfortable with it so therefore Caitlin was too and %100 supported me. Going into surgery didn’t falter her approach to the fact i was having a baby. It was still going to be calm and positive and the main aim was to deliver a healthy child. The mood remained focused and she had reassuring and helpful words for the new direction my childbirth had taken. I really did feel in control thanks to her support, and for this reason i never felt disappointed or resentful about having a c section afterwards. At the end of the day I had the sweetest little bundle of love in my arms and that’s what mattered to me.

After the c-section she made sure to meet me in the recovery room with my little boy and helped show me how to latch him on for his first ever breast feed. We smiled and laughed and it felt really natural to share that moment with her. Thanks Caitlin!

Lucy Hinckfuss


From Jeanne and Saskia – Natural Birth She Births® baby

Caitlin was invaluable during my labour. Her wealth of knowledge and passion for her profession made it a pleasure to interact with.

She was a great coach for my husband and a source of calm, comfort and support for me during the birth. We were extremely grateful to have her by our side through this incredible journey. Thanks Caitlin and She Births® for being part of our special day and helping us welcome our beautiful daughter into this world.

Jeanne Carey

From Janna and Bowie – Doula and She Births® baby

I shopped around for a doula and was really pleased when I found Caitlin. Caitlin had exactly the grounded nature I was looking for but had found a little hard to find. My decision to get a doula was based on me feeling that I wanted someone experienced to come into the labour room with me, who I knew would be on my side and could help me and my partner interpret any issues that came up. Caitlin’s support during labour was indispensable. Just as important though, was having her support me in the months leading up to labour and for some time after my beautiful boy was born. Caitlin helped me stay calm and strong and was absolutely wonderful in making sure my mother and husband -who were both coming to the birth – felt involved and respected at the same time as keeping me from worrying about how they were feeling. I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful, supportive woman -she is a treasure and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 9.32.51 pm

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  1. I have attended Caitlin’s massage course in December 2014. My baby Jason loved it and slept so well after! Group environment makes it fun and I have learned a lot. It is always interesting to watch other babies. The baby massage oil is awesome and it’s free! I would definitely recommend Caitlin as a baby massage instructor. Thank you Caitlin! Natasha

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