Caitlin Family cropDoula, She Births® Childbirth Educator, Childbirth Educator at the Royal Hospital for Women, Infant Massage Instructor and Breastfeeding Counsellor, Caitlin Siboulet has extensive experience and is qualified through several bodies in Australia.

As a Doula for over 13 years Ive seen the amazing difference having a Doula and a She Births® education makes to families. Supporting them and Sharing this information with couples and seeing them transform and become empowered is a pure joy for me.

I completed my doula training 14 years ago while pregnant with Life Options which has since become the Australian Doula Collage. I had already supported friends during their births but wanted to know more. After my son was 1year old I then worked for Life Options as an office manager and douled regularly from that point. During 2006-2011 while my husband studied I worked as an EA to the Head of Investment Banking at RBS to support my family and only Douling to friends during this time.

Since then I have been working for She Births® and douling again on a full time basis. I trained in 2013 in Infant massage and am also a Breastfeeding Counsellor with the ABA. I completed my She Births® Educator Training Childbirth Education and have been educating with passion ever since. I also teach the Having a Baby program at the Royal and have attended over 100 births yet truly believe each birth is unique as is every woman and couple.

The bond that develops for couples is truly unique. Partners learn how best to give and receive from each other. No matter what the outcome or care provider you can learn how to have a beautiful birth experience with the right support, knowledge and our conscious decision making tools.

It would be my pleasure to teach you the She Births® course or be your Doula.