She Births® Childbirth Education

She Births®

Discover the world’s only scientifically verified childbirth education program, She Births®, proven to improve birth outcomes for you and your baby.

Combining evidence-based and holistic techniques, She Births® equips you and your partner with the knowledge and skills to support you during pregnancy, birth and right through to early parenting.

With the right preparation it is possible for you to create a beautiful birth experience, no matter what unfolds.

The unique three pillars of She Births®: Knowledge, Inner Strength, and Outer Support will empower you to have a better birth. You will learn everything you need to know about the birth process and how to support your body, and mind, so that you feel fearless (and even excited!) about the pending arrival of your baby.

You will learn about active birthing, yoga, massage, nutrition, acupressure, breathing, relaxation, effective partner support, and so much more.

She Births® prepares you for labour but also for easier breastfeeding and settling, as well as conscious parenting principles that you will be able to carry forward into the rest of your family lives together.

She Births® is highly inclusive of even the most reluctant birth partners. And certainly no experience in yoga or meditation is required to take part or implement the methods.

The next She Births@ Childbirth Education Courses will be held at the beautiful St Michaels Church in Vaucluse

Next course dates

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of October 2017

Saturday 18th and Sunday 18th of November 2017

or Privately at a time that suits you

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A holistic & scientifically validated childbirth education course

She Births® is the most comprehensive preparation for birth available. It is the only program that has been scientifically validated via randomised controlled trials. These results confirm that the synergistic approach of the She Births® course ensures that you have the safest, least painful and the most beautiful birthing experience possible – no matter what unfolds.

She Births® is about empowerment through education and is designed to give the power of childbirth back to the woman in the most natural way possible. With She Births® we guarantee to prepare you and your partner with all of the knowledge and resources you will need from the moment you conceive through to your delivery and the months there after.