Caitlin Family cropDoula, She Births® Childbirth Educator, Childbirth Educator at the Royal Hospital for Women, Infant Massage Instructor and Breastfeeding Counsellor, Caitlin Siboulet has extensive experience and is qualified through several bodies in Australia.

As a Doula for over 13 years Ive seen the amazing difference having a Doula and a She Births® education makes to families. Supporting them and Sharing this information with couples and seeing them transform and become empowered is a pure joy for me.

I completed my doula training 14 years ago while pregnant with Life Options which has since become the Australian Doula Collage. I had already supported friends during their births but wanted to know more. After my son was 1year old I then worked for Life Options as an office manager and douled regularly from that point. During 2006-2011 while my husband studied I worked as an EA to the Head of Investment Banking at RBS to support my family and only Douling to friends during this time.

Since then I have been working for She Births® and douling again on a full time basis. I trained in 2013 in Infant massage and am also a Breastfeeding Counsellor with the ABA. I completed my She Births® Educator Training Childbirth Education and have been educating with passion ever since. I also teach the Having a Baby program at the Royal and have attended over 100 births yet truly believe each birth is unique as is every woman and couple.

The bond that develops for couples is truly unique. Partners learn how best to give and receive from each other. No matter what the outcome or care provider you can learn how to have a beautiful birth experience with the right support, knowledge and our conscious decision making tools.

It would be my pleasure to teach you the She Births® course or be your Doula.


She Births® Childbirth Education

She Births®

Discover the world’s only scientifically verified childbirth education program, She Births®, proven to improve birth outcomes for you and your baby.

Combining evidence-based and holistic techniques, She Births® equips you and your partner with the knowledge and skills to support you during pregnancy, birth and right through to early parenting.

With the right preparation it is possible for you to create a beautiful birth experience, no matter what unfolds.

The unique three pillars of She Births®: Knowledge, Inner Strength, and Outer Support will empower you to have a better birth. You will learn everything you need to know about the birth process and how to support your body, and mind, so that you feel fearless (and even excited!) about the pending arrival of your baby.

You will learn about active birthing, yoga, massage, nutrition, acupressure, breathing, relaxation, effective partner support, and so much more.

She Births® prepares you for labour but also for easier breastfeeding and settling, as well as conscious parenting principles that you will be able to carry forward into the rest of your family lives together.

She Births® is highly inclusive of even the most reluctant birth partners. And certainly no experience in yoga or meditation is required to take part or implement the methods.

The next She Births@ Childbirth Education Courses will be held at the beautiful St Michaels Church in Vaucluse

Next course dates

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of October 2017

Saturday 18th and Sunday 18th of November 2017

or Privately at a time that suits you

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A holistic & scientifically validated childbirth education course

She Births® is the most comprehensive preparation for birth available. It is the only program that has been scientifically validated via randomised controlled trials. These results confirm that the synergistic approach of the She Births® course ensures that you have the safest, least painful and the most beautiful birthing experience possible – no matter what unfolds.

She Births® is about empowerment through education and is designed to give the power of childbirth back to the woman in the most natural way possible. With She Births® we guarantee to prepare you and your partner with all of the knowledge and resources you will need from the moment you conceive through to your delivery and the months there after.



Do I Need a Doula?

Throughout your pregnancy you may see a GP, an Obstetrician, a Midwife or a Doula (sometimes known as a trained birth attendant or labour coach). You may see one or the other, or a combination of all four, depending on you and your babys health, and your attitudes towards birth. If you’re in good health and if you hold a strong belief that birth should be as natural as possible, then you will benefit from the support of a Doula.

What does a Doula do?

Doulas are trained to provide parents with emotional and physical support in the lead-up to the birth of a baby, through the actual labour and on into the early months of parenthood. Their skills lie in assisting parents through a natural birth; they do not have medical training.

  • Making you comfortable Doulas are well versed in non-medical strategies for the relief of pain. Your doula may offer massages, heat packs and breathing techniques to make you more comfortable, and use scents, water, light and music to create a more soothing environment for you.
  • Facilitating labour Doulas are very knowledgeable about different birth positions. Your doula will be able to work with you to find positions that are comfortable for you and which encourage the delivery of your baby.
  • Answering your questions Having been through the birth experience many times before, your doula is well placed to answer any questions you or your partner may have about whats going on.
  • Partner support Often partners are unsure of a Doulas role. A good doula will work with a the mother and partner to provide the extra support in a birth team that is required for natural birth.
  • Establishing breastfeeding Many doulas are also experienced breastfeeding consultants (you may want to consider this when selecting your doula). If thats the case, your doula will be able to help you establish breastfeeding in the hours after the birth of your baby, and in subsequent visits over the next few days.
  • Helping you adjust Some parents engage a doula for the birth only, while others have a doula involved in their post-natal recovery. A post-natal doula can help you recover from the physical aspects of labour, perhaps advising on using massage, acupuncture or other non-medical therapies to ease your aches and pains. A post-natal doula will also help you work through the emotional and psychological impacts of the birth experience, talking to you about your labour and the feelings and sensations you experienced at the time and afterwards.

What does a doula NOT do?

A doula does not have medical training. Your doula will not perform clinical tasks like vaginal examinations, blood pressure readings or foetal heart monitoring and will not offer medical advice.

Why would I want a doula?

Doulas have two great advantages. One is that they encourage the idea of birth as a non-medical event: if you’re passionate about having a natural birth and avoiding medical intervention during your labour, you will find a strong ally in your doula who will advocate on your behalf whether you’re giving birth at home, in a birth centre or in a hospital.

The other is that doulas have very personal relationships with the parents in their care. When you go into labour, your doula will be there for you and you alone. You will have your doulas support and attention constantly throughout the birth of your baby. In Australia, it’s possible that you will have a similar level of personal attention if you’re giving birth at home with a midwife or in a birth centre or a small maternity hospital with an independent midwife . If, however, you’re giving birth in a large hospital, it’s more than likely that the doctors and midwives involved in your care will also be looking after other women. If having uninterrupted, personal support is important to you, then your best option is to engage a doula.

How much will it cost?

Engaging a doula for the birth of your baby usually costs between $1000 and $2000. Normally this would cover a couple of meetings before the birth, a couple of meetings after the birth, and uninterrupted attendance right through the labour.

How do I choose a doula?

In Australia, there is no government regulation around doulas. However, certain doula courses are registered with the governments National Register of Information on Training Packages, Qualifications, Courses, Units of Competency and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Always ask for details of qualifications and make your own enquiries before committing to a doula.

If you are interested in inquiring about the BabyDoula Services please contact Caitlin below or on 0425 234 689

Baby Massage

Infant Massage Instructor, Pediatric Massage Consultant, She Births® Educator and Doula Caitlin Siboulet has extensive experience and is qualified through several bodies in Australia.

Infant massage training is essential; like any other form of therapy, it is important to know the specific techniques to enhance the experience. There are significant differences between massage for adults and massage for infants. It is vital to understand the correct strokes, ideal timing and length of massage to avoid over-stimulation.

For Group Course dates or Private Courses contact Caitlin on 0425 234 689 or email caitlin@babydoula.com.au

Book Now with a special offer of $120 for the course including the organic cold pressed sesame oil and a parent manual. Normally $150.

Benefits of Baby Massage Include…

  • Reduces crying time.
  • Improves sleep and regulates sleep patterns.
  • Enhances emotions and improves mood.
  • Improves wind, colic, reflux and constipation.
  • Relieves sinus and chest congestion.
  • Boosts immune system.
  • Reduces stress hormone levels in children and their parents.
  • Reduces symptoms of Eczema.
  • Enhances coordination.
  • Ideal for pre-term infants.

Various research studies on infant massage have shown that there is a significant reduction in overall crying time with infants and toddlers who receive massage.

Massage increases serotonin levels and regulates melatonin secretion rhythms which helps regulate sleep patterns.

Research has shown that infants receiving touch therapy and massage gain weight faster and are discharged earlier than other infants.
Massage increases dopamine levels which are believed to play an important role in regulating anger, aggression, temperature, mood and appetite in addition to other body functions.

Massage stimulates elimination of waste from the body, can relieve abdominal wind within minutes and speeds a natural process of the nervous system which can assist with reflux.

Massage helps promote adequate drainage of the sinuses and excess mucus on the chest. Research shows that infant massage can positively influence physiological processes and improve immune function.

Known as “the stress hormone” cortisol is released during times of stress. Prolonged high levels of cortisol can reduce immunity, impair cognitive performance, and reduce bone density and muscle tissue. Massage measurably decreases cortisol levels in both children and their parents allowing blood pressure, heart rate, digestive functioning and hormonal levels to return to their
Parents who massage their infant each day are more likely to notice changes in their childs physical condition, which may go unnoticed longer with infants who are not receiving massage.

A UK study showed significant improvement in eczema symptoms with the introduction of massage by parents in addition, Infant Massage Instructors have seen improvement first hand with many babies at infant massage classes.

Studies have shown infant massage improves left/right brain communication which has been suggested to improve intelligence.


Baby Doula Baby Massage
Baby Doula Baby Massage